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Your greatest gift to us is your presence on our day.

Some of you have nevertheless ask what to bring. So, no matter if you come from far away or live next door, we expect you to bring your best party spirit and a healthy appetite!

If you insist on adding anything beyond that, we would like to ask you to contribute to our soon-to-be-planted garden and soon-to-be-planned pergola-with-hammock-and-pizza-oven in Cheglio.


And we hope to welcome you all there in the many years to come!


IBAN: IT86 P030 6945 2601 0000 0002 361

Bank: Banca Intesa SanPaolo 

Address: Banca Intesa Via al Mulino 18 Angolo Via Dante 28821 Cannero Riviera VB 

Causale/Subject: Wedding Gift + your name


IBAN: CH54 0078 1623 2306 5200 4

Bank:  St. Galler Kantonalbank


Causale/Subject: Wedding Gift + your name

TWINT (Kai's phone nb):

+41 7672575 95

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